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Why Service Agreements?

When you purchase a vehicle, you understand that there is a cost to leasing or renting the car, petrol to drive the vehicle, servicing of the vehicle, replacement of parts, etc. It is the same as renting a photocopier.

There is the cost of equipment rental, the cost of toner to run the machine, technicians to service the machine, and the replacement of parts.

All equipment sold by Toshiba Cape Town comes with a Service Agreement running concurrently with the rental agreement.

We agree that we will keep your equipment functioning well as a productive asset to your business. This Agreement functions on a cost-per-copy basis. You are only billed for the pages you have printed.

There is a difference between monochrome (black and white) prints which are cheaper than colour because only one toner is used (black). The colour prints use a mixture of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow colours cartridges which pushes the price of a colour copy up.

Different machines have different costs, normally the smaller machines have a higher running cost than the larger machines.

The Toshiba Cape Town Service Agreement offers:

Installation and setup of equipment

Using only the best qualified technicians, who will advise you on operating procedures.

Printanista software

For automated remote meter reading and printing diagnostics


Quality manufacturer approved toners replaced by the best qualified technicians.


Quality manufacturer approved parts replaced by the best qualified technicians.

Technical Support

Friendly support by our qualified technicials either on-site of remotely.

Loan units when necessary

Never be left without a machine.