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Welcome to Toshiba Cape Town

Toshiba Cape Town is a client centred, solutionist thinking company. We serve businesses throughout South Africa, from small to medium SME’s through to Enterprise companies including numerous educational institutions offering a variety of products and services.

We sell and support Toshiba, Olivetti, HP multifunction copiers, high production Riso duplicators, Telephone systems including competitive voice and cellular solutions, security solutions and Fibre.

Toshiba Cape Town has built a capable, knowledgeable, and skilled team of professionals, who go the extra mile. They embrace our vision of client centricity and exceeding client expectations.

Toshiba Cape Town supplies high quality office equipment at affordable prices and provides excellent after sales service promptly.

What our Satisfied Clients say

Excellent Service!
Excellent Service!

Dear Toshiba Cape Town

Thank you for your excellent service every time!
It is such a breath of fresh air after (Name deleted to protect opposition company) (sorry, you do not deserve to be compared to XXXXX in any case!)

We will follow up with the clients that struggled to get through last week, and let you know.

Kind regards


Phone System – Blackheath Primary School
Phone System – Blackheath Primary School

The system marketed by Toshiba Cape Town provides excellent connectivity to our school.
I personally recommend that schools opt for the LTE system. It’s a plug and play system that is portable only needs a power supply.
The system is suitable for high risk areas where cable and fibre theft is a problem. It is complexly wireless and works through the LTE system with a SIM card. Geographic numbers can be retained and ported to the service provider. We ported our geographic numbers from our previous service provider.
Without any doubt this system can be recommended to schools in areas where copper/cable theft is a major problem. The option of month-month contracts reduce the risks to schools.

Thank you Toshiba Cape Town!

Quentin Johnson

Telephone system – Doctors office – Thomas Dobson
Telephone system – Doctors office – Thomas Dobson

I would be happy to recommend you to people! I can honestly and without a doubt say that I have never met anyone as friendly and excited, yet still professional about their work. You have by far been the best service provider I have ever worked with, and I greatly appreciate how you made my life so easy during the office transition. If anyone asks, your name will be the first I mention!

Thank you again for everything, I will be sure to call on you too if I need any assistance.

I hope you have a great week ahead.

Best regards,

Thomas Dobson

Appreciation of Service and Delivery- Llandudno Primary
Appreciation of Service and Delivery- Llandudno Primary

On behalf of Llandudno Primary School, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your prompt and efficient resolution of our connectivity problems this morning.

Obviously it is very important that parents, in particular, are able to reach the school at all times.  In addition, we need to be able to place important, and sometimes urgent, outgoing calls.  Therefore, your assistance in sorting out the problem so speedily is much appreciated.

You and your team at Toshiba Cape Town have been professional, responsive and always on hand to help immediately whenever we have had reason to contact you.

The school looks forward to an ongoing, supportive relationship.

American Express
American Express

Hope this mail finds you well.

Just a short note to congratulate you and the company for the excellent service you have been giving my branches. I have just had a meeting with my branch managers and they are very happy with your service and professionalism. Whenever they need a toner or something has gone wrong with a copier, it’s just a phone call and your team reacts with speed and efficiency to solve our problem.

I have even mentioned your excellent service to some of our competitors. You always hear of the bad service, seldom of the great service you receive. This is why I feel that I had to mention this to you.
Please relay this to your whole team.


Louis Oliver
Louis Oliver

Thank you very much for providing us with this fleet management copier solution.

It has been fully implemented and it is working great. It makes our work so much easier knowing exactly what has been printed and by which department, and that the machines notify you when we need toner or a call out. We appreciate the effort and dedication and love it.

Also the technicians were great. They made the process so easy and painless. The implementation went without a glitch. Both were very knowledgeable, competent and friendly. We could not have done it without them. They were great ambassadors for Toshiba Cape Town and they are truly a an asset to the company. It was a pleasure working with them.

Allison Perk
Allison Perk

Lovely company. Their service department is great, very efficient.

They really go the extra mile, they even drove out after hours to drop off my toner when I was desperate. After dealing with so many crooked photocopier companies it is nice to find one that has good business ethics.


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Toshiba products and underlying technology consistently deliver a level of service and guarantee unmatched in the industry.

A simple sincere commitment to deliver the quality you expect.

Toshiba Cape Town


Multifunction Photocopiers

  • 2015 Outstanding Sales Performance for Most Black and White Machines Sold in South Africa
  • 2015 Gold Award
    2017 Outstanding Sales Performance for Most Black and White Machines Sold in South Africa
  • 2017 Gold Award

Multifunction Photocopiers

  • 2016 Huge Telecom Business Partner Quarterly Incentive 2nd Quarter 2nd Prize
  • 2016 Huge Telecom Business Partner Quarterly Incentive 3rd Quarter 1st Prize
  • 2016 Overall Top 10 of Huge Telecom Business Partners in South Africa

Tenders Won

  • 2015 Road Accident Fund Copier Tender
  • 2016 Western Cape Department of Education Copier & Riso Tender
  • 2017 Western Cape Department of Education Copier & Riso Tender
  • 2018 Western Cape Department of Education Copier & Riso Tender



  • 2019 BLI Keypoint Intelligence Analysts Honor the Best Copier MFPs Tested This Year with Pick Awards
  • Buyers Laboratory’s “Highly Recommended” Award e-STUDIO™ 6506AC, e-STUDIO™ 4508A
  • Buyers Laboratory’s Summer 2017 Pick e-STUDIO™ 4508A
  • Better Buys Q3 2017 Editor’s Choice Award e-STUDIO™ 4508LP
  • Better Buys 2017 Innovative Product of the Year Award e-STUDIO™ 7506AC Series

Toshiba e-STUDIO330AC

Toshiba Cape Town


The Toshiba e-STUDIO330AC has claimed the BLI Winter 2021 Pick Award for Outstanding Colour MFP for Mid-Size to Large Workgroups from Keypoint Intelligence thanks to its…

  • Exceptional value proposition due to an excellent feature set and standout performance for a cost per page that’s significantly lower than the in-class average
  • Impressive user-friendliness, perfect reliability, and fast speeds in many tests, adding up to maximum uptime
  • Robust scan functionality, including support for many file formats and a standard DSPF
  • Integration with workflow-simplifying solutions via Toshiba’s Elevate platform

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