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About us

Our print portfolio includes multi-brands with Managed Print Solutions to proactively monitor your company’s printing, parts & toner management.

We are a no-excuses Voice Provider. Our Voice servers are situated in a Tier 3 Teraco with full redundancy & backups, direct access to the NAPAfrica Internet Exchange & an MPLS into Vodacom’s backbone resulting in crystal-clear voice quality. We offer innovative, competitive, & integrated communication voice solutions.

Our security portfolio includes cutting-edge CCTV solutions with Face recognition, License Plate recognition, Perimeter protection, Thermal Cameras, Security Screening & Biometric Access Control.

We offer a business class, commercial carrier-grade connectivity solution with 24/7/365 monitored links, and cutting-edge Cloud Security Solutions to build safer cyber work environments. This includes Licenced Spectrum Microwave Links, Fibre, LTE, and LTE Fleet solutions including Hotspots, APNs, VPNs, and Failovers.

Our comprehensive energy management solution includes Grid Tie Solar Solutions and Inverters resulting in increased independence from Eskom’s grid fluctuations.

We would like to streamline your purchasing or renting process with quick approvals (from 8 to 48 hours), secure the online signing of documents, and quick installations so that you can focus on your core business.

You have the power of choice.