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What are my Payment Options

Rental Finance
Depends on rental time
Outright Purchase
Via Credit Card

Rental Finance


The length of the rental period chosen impacts the cost of renting. You can choose to pay the equipment off over a 24-, 36-, 48- or 60-month period. The shorter the payment period, the higher the payment, the longer the payment period, the cheaper the monthly payment becomes. You will receive a Credit Application to fill out, together with supporting documents for credit vetting. This is a quick process from 5 to 48 hours for approval.


EFT Payments


Upon completion of the purchasing process, a Pro Forma invoice will be emailed to you. Once payment has cleared, delivery will take place.


Credit Card Payments


We accept payments from around the world with Visa and Masterpass through Netcash. Transactions are processed with protection procedures in place to reduce fraudulent activities. When checking out on the website, customers are required to enter their credit card details. Should the bank require authentication for the transaction, the 3D Secure page will pop up on the customer’s screen. The customer will need to authenticate the transaction with their bank by using the one-time PIN (OTP) sent or via authentication in their banking application. If 3D Secure 2 is in use, then the cardholder won’t need to verify the payment. Payment will then be processed. All online payment transactions are 3D secure which protects customers from fraud and reduces chargebacks