Welcome to Toshiba Cape Town

Toshiba Cape Town is a multi-brand and multi-product company with a national footprint and more than 35 years of office automation experience.

At Toshiba Cape Town, the customer is truly the most important person in the organization, their satisfaction is our primary goal, and ethical billing the norm. Our commitment goes well beyond the introduction of the latest technological advancements, we have a reputation for supplying high-quality equipment at great prices through a transparent sales process and excellent ongoing service provision.

Our print portfolio includes multi-brands with Managed Print Solutions to proactively monitor your company’s printing, parts & toner management.

We are a no excuses Voice Provider with our own servers in a Tier 3 Teraco with full redundancy resulting in clear voice quality and innovative integrated communication voice solutions. Re-imagine your workplace with a hybrid, unified and managed communication model. Integrate all your devices & collaboration tools, your multi-sites & your teams resulting in an agile and mobile workforce.

Our company provides a high-quality connectivity solution designed for businesses, offering a reliable and monitored network connection available around the clock. We also incorporate advanced Cloud Security Solutions to create secure work environments in the digital realm. Our solution encompasses various options such as Licenced Spectrum Microwave Links, Fibre-To-The-Business, LTE, and Fleet solutions. Additional features like Hotspots, APN’s, VPNs, and redundancies are available to ensure a comprehensive and dependable connectivity experience.

We offer comprehensive and advanced Cloud Security Solutions designed to protect your valuable data and secure your digital infrastructure. Our features include robust data protection, proactive threat detection, scalable and flexible solutions, compliance adherence, and expert support. Partner with us to fortify your cloud environment and ensure peace of mind for your business; take the first step towards a safer and more secure digital future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Finance

The length of the rental period chosen impacts the cost of renting. You can choose to pay the equipment off over a 24-, 36-, 48- or 60-month period. The shorter the payment period, the higher the payment, the longer the payment period, the cheaper the monthly payment becomes. You will receive a Credit Application to fill out, together with supporting documents for credit vetting. This is a quick process from 5 to 48 hours for approval.

EFT Payments

Upon completion of the purchasing process, a Pro Forma invoice will be emailed to you. Once payment has cleared, delivery will take place.

Credit Card Payments

We accept payments from around the world with Visa and Masterpass through Netcash. Transactions are processed with protection procedures in place to reduce fraudulent activities. When checking out on the website, customers are required to enter their credit card details. Should the bank require authentication for the transaction, the 3D Secure page will pop up on the customer’s screen. The customer will need to authenticate the transaction with their bank by using the one-time PIN (OTP) sent or via authentication in their banking application. If 3D Secure 2 is in use, then the cardholder won’t need to verify the payment. Payment will then be processed. All online payment transactions are 3D secure which protects customers from fraud and reduces chargebacks

Renting your equipment can be helpful. Buy what appreciates, and rent what depreciates is a good business strategy as a piece of equipment is more important to the production of income than ownership of that equipment.

Off-balance sheet financing

Rentals are accounted for on the Income Statement and are a Non-Balance Sheet item; therefore, will not affect the return on capital employed ratio.

Convenience to the user

Due to the off-balance sheet nature of the transaction, rentals require less accounting.

Obsolescence hedge

By its very nature technology becomes outdated within a short period. Replacement models are developed and with a rental, the user may upgrade equipment at any time during the currency of the agreement.

Affordability to users

Longer periods, no deposits, and your choice of annual escalations result in a lower entry-level and allow the user to pay future rentals with inflated rand.

Diversification of financing sources

Rental facilities offer the end user a new source of finance, not limiting traditional facilities, due to the off-balance sheet nature of the financing of the rental.

Conservation of working capital

As no deposit is required; rental offers a low cost of entry, reducing the burden on working capital.

After-tax present value of costs

With relatively high levels of inflation, finance structures that defer costs; will result in reduced present value cost, after inflation cost accounting.


The restraints of the Usury Act do not affect rental agreements; with payment structures and terms only limited by the economic lifespan of the equipment and the end users’ budgetary constraints. In addition, there is upgrade flexibility by addition or replacement of equipment in keeping with the availability of new technology.

Tax deductible

Rental payments are fully deductible for tax purposes.

Ownership remains with the rental finance house at the end of the rental term. Once the rental period is ended, your agreement will be renegotiated and switched to a month-to-month should you want to retain it, or you are eligible to upgrade at any time during your contract.

When you purchase a vehicle, you understand that there is a cost to leasing or renting the car, petrol to drive the vehicle, servicing of the vehicle, replacement of parts, etc. It is the same as renting a photocopier.

There is the cost of equipment rental, the cost of toner to run the machine, technicians to service the machine, and the replacement of parts. All equipment sold by Toshiba Cape Town comes with a Service Agreement running concurrently with the rental agreement.

We agree that we will keep your equipment functioning well as a productive asset to your business. This Agreement functions on a cost-per-copy basis. You are only billed for the pages you have printed.

There is a difference between monochrome (black and white) prints which are cheaper than colour because only one toner is used (black). The colour prints use a mixture of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow colours cartridges which pushes the price of a colour copy up.

Different machines have different costs, normally the smaller machines have a higher running cost than the larger machines.

The Toshiba Cape Town Service Agreement offers:

  1. Installation and setup of equipment
  2. Printanista software for automated remote meter reading and printing diagnostics
  3. Toners
  4. Parts
  5. Remote and onsite technical support
  6. Loan units when necessary

Your service agreement will increase each year in tandem with the CPI rate which we believe to be fair in that the cost of toners, salaries, parts, etc. is futureproofed.

We install Printanista print management software on a computer in your office which gives only outgoing information to us, enabling us to proactively manage your devices. This enables us to send you toner before you request it, if you have a recurring fault, it enables us to attend to it before your callout, and it enables us to know what condition the parts of your printer are in so we can correctly plan and replace parts as needed before breakdown.

It is brand agnostic and it gives you the consumer the opportunity to view all your devices on one platform.

We commit to beat any quote from a South African-based office automation dealer provided the PDF quote is less than a month old, it must be for new equipment, there must be stock available in South Africa and the equipment must be sold with a Service Contract.