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Filespace – Cloud Storage

FileSpace powered by LucidLink is a software-only cloud-native file service connecting cloud storage as if it were local disk.

It is ideal for distributed workflows, remote teams that collaborate across common data sets, and companies that need to provide secure data access to files regardless of file size or where the data is stored.


The Challenge

Object storage consumption is growing at an ever accelerating rate, fueled by explosive growth in the amount of data being generated. Although object storage is secure and scalable, it is static and lacks a file system interface. It is challenging to access object storage in a way that matches disk-level performance and it is difficult to consume as an end user, or application, especially in distributed workflows.
The Solution
File Space (SFS) creates the best of both worlds, as it delivers a highly sought-after solution for a setup where users and applications can connect to the same single name space, exposed as local disk but backed by object storage.


Cloud-based Storage


Convenient and flexible

Streamable, scalable, distributed file service, built on cloud object storage and made for edge-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud and hybrid workloads

Improve workload efficiency and maximize productivity

Make a group of files in a file system structure accessible to a user or user group and use cloud object stores as distributed file systems; allow distributed teams access to their data, and provide ways to connect applications, cloud regions and cloud providers to the same data set

Highly scalable and inexpensive

Can be used to replace on-premises file servers; limitless scale enabled by splitting object storage from metadata; object storage can be consumed as a local file system layer that allows users and applications to access it from anywhere at local disk speed


End-to-end, at-rest and in-motion encryption; eliminates the need for additional infrastructure such as cloud gateways; total control over data sovereignty to enhance risk management and compliance


Metadata synchronization and parallel data streaming; snapshot support to enable complete version control

Ease of use

Dramatically reduced complexity and seamless production; no hardware needed, no maintenance, no issue with growth, no resiliency plan required