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Checkpoint Harmony

Complete Protection for Cloud Email & Collaboration Suites

Secure Office 365 and Google Workspace Applications



  • Anti-Phishing: Blocks the most sophisticated phishing attacks such as impersonation and Business Email Compromise (BEC) before they reach the inbox
  • Malware Protection: Thwarts evasive malware and ransomware and provide sanitized files within seconds
  • Prevent Data Loss: Set custom policies to keep data safe and maintain compliance
  • Prevent Account Takeover: Blocks suspicious logins
    using an event analysis algorithm that identifies signs of malicious behavior to keep data safe and maintain compliance
Complete Protection
Secure all lines of communication, from email to collaboration
Bulletproof Security
We catch the most sophisticated and evasive attacks that others miss
Efficient, Effective
A single, effective and cost efficient solution for email and collaboration suites

Cloud Mailboxes Are Your Weakest Link

Over 90% of attacks against organizations start from a malicious email and 75% of ransomware attacks are email-borne. Since email attacks usually involve the human factor, your Microsoft 365 and Google workspace environments are your organization’s weakest link. Successful phishing and ransomware attacks can cause significant financial damage. Closing this security gap requires protection from various threat vectors: phishing, malware, data theft and account-takeover.


Complete email and collaboration security

Block sophisticated social engineering attacks such as impersonation, zero-day phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) using AI-trained engines

Built-in security is not enough to stop advanced phishing attacks such as BEC that involve meticulous social engineering techniques designed to deceive and manipulate end-users. Harmony Email & Collaboration deploys as the last line of defense before the inbox and secures inbound, outbound, and internal emails from phishing attacks that evade platform-provided security. The solution inspects the communication’s metadata, attachments, links and language, as well as all historical communications, to determine prior trust relations between the sender and receiver, increasing the likelihood of identifying user impersonation or fraudulent messages. It also inspects internal communication in real-time in order to prevent lateral attacks and insider threats.

Block malicious attachments before they reach users’ mailboxes, without impacting business productivity

Harmony Email & Collaboration uses Check Point’s SandBlast technology, recognized by the NSS Labs as ‘most effective in breach prevention’*, and includes:

  • Threat emulation: evasion-resistant CPU-level sandbox that blocks first-time seen malware and keeps you protected from the most advanced cyber threats
  • Proactive Threat Extraction: cleans files and eliminates potential threats to promptly deliver a safe file version to users in under two seconds
  • Threat Extraction maintains uninterrupted business flow, while the sandbox continues in the background. Threat Extraction eliminates unacceptable delays created by traditional threat emulation, while instantly cleaning files of any active content, with the industry’s only fully integrated document and image sanitization solution

Protect sensitive business data and maintain regulatory compliance with advanced data leak prevention (DLP)

Harmony Email & Collaboration detects sensitive data sharing via email and other collaboration apps and immediately limits data exposure. It enables you to enforce a data leakage policy based on your company’s needs, with hundreds of predefined and custom data types. When an employee shares data through their email or other collaboration suite applications, Harmony Email & Collaboration examines the subject, body, and attachments, and in the event of sensitive data sharing such as credit card details, personal or competitive information, the communication is blocked or “unshared” to prevent data leaks

Prevent advanced account takeover attacks by augmenting authentication processes

Harmony Email & Collaboration uses a patent-pending technology to prevent unauthorized users and compromised devices from accessing your cloud email or productivity suite applications, thus mitigating the risk of an account takeover attack. Harmony Email & Collaboration intercepts attackers using machine-learning algorithms, which analyze user behavior and feed off sources like mobile and endpoint on-device detection of OS exploits, malware and network attacks, SaaS native APIs, and Check Point’s ThreatCloud. Harmony Email & Collaboration provides additional data into the identity provider’s authentication process, so suspicious logins (e.g.: seen in two different locations, bad IP reputation) are immediately denied and blocked.

Bulletproof Security catches what everyone else misses


Inline API-based protection for inbound, outbound and internal email communication

API-based integration allows Harmony Email & Collaboration to scan outbound and internal communication in real-time to prevent lateral and insider attacks within the organization and data leakage. In addition, no changes to MX records are required, making it invisible to attackers. By deploying as the last line of defense, Harmony Email & Collaboration trains Artificial Intelligence on the sophisticated and evasive attacks that others miss, leading to a 99.2% reduction in phishing emails reaching the inbox.

Part of Check Point Infinity, a consolidated security architecture, and powered by the world’s most powerful threat intelligence

Harmony Email & Collaboration is a part of a consolidated security architecture that delivers consistent security across networks, clouds, endpoints, mobile devices, and IoT; powered by ThreatCloud, the world’s largest threat intelligence database.

The only email security solution tested and proven to have the industry’s best malware catch rate (99.91%) by the NSS labs.

Harmony Email and Collaboration leverages SandBlast technology, recognized by NSS Labs as ‘most effective in breach prevention,’ with a 100% block rate and the highest score in evasion testing— providing multi-layered protection

Efficient, Effective Security

Deploys in minutes and start seeing results within hours, including retroactive scanning for existing malicious emails

Harmony Email & Collaboration installs within five minutes, allowing security admins to deploy instantly. Harmony starts catching malicious activity immediately. On deployment day the solution performs a retroactive scan to find existing threats in your organization, ensuring maximal protection from the get-go.

A single license for both email and productivity apps with all security functionality included

Harmony Email & Collaboration provides all security functionality for both cloud email and collaboration apps in a single license, alleviating purchasing and management overhead and providing organizations with an all encompassing solution in a one stop-shop, reducing overall TCO.

Monitor one simple dashboard with actionable insights and reporting

Harmony Email & Collaboration provides granular visibility into security events, all from one simple dashboard for all security functions. By providing actionable insights and reporting, Harmony reduces management overhead and improves productivity