RISO digital duplicators are the most cost-effective print solution when making more than 25 copies of a specific page. Because digital duplicators use ink and not toner, they do not require warm up time, they operate at advanced speeds and use less electricity.

Just in time for Eskom power cuts, the Riso has solar backup energy which enables the Riso to run independently of power for a further 21 000 copies.

Robust, durable, tough, hard wearing, sturdy, cost effective are but a few adjectives to credit this product.

Considering that a copy only costs 3c to print including ink, the question you must ask yourself, is why not?

(print cost excludes cost of paper)

Riso SF5030

This is a workhorse which loves to please. Printing at 120 copies per minute, this machine is sturdy and reliable.

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